Can You Use Beard Oil on Short Beards?

Can you use beard oil on short beards? Reaching for a beard oil may seem redundant when your facial hair is short. However, we’re here to convince you otherwise.

Believe it or not, as soon as you decide to grow your beard, you need to start conditioning your hair with high-quality beard oil - even on stubble.

Beard oil is the solution to a range of problems accompanying the beard growth journey. From skin irritation to itchiness and dryness, the initial stages of growing a beard can be enough to make you want to shave it all off and boycott the entire idea.

Many stigmatise beard oil as simply a styling product, but it’s so much more. Not only does beard oil tame the mane, but it can also restore nutrients and moisture to the skin, ensuring your beard has the perfect conditions for healthy development. A healthy beard starts with a nutritious diet of organic, essential oils and healthy hair follicles.

So, Can You Use Beard Oil on Short Beards? 

Yes, 110%. Regardless of your current beard length, you can still benefit from learning how to use beard oil in your routine. If you’re looking to grow some length, turn to beard oil. 

Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil

Implementing a beard oil into your daily grooming routine can do wonders for your facial hair, even if it’s merely a five’ o clock shadow.

Applying beard oil provides the perfect conditions for healthy growth so that you can go from a few whiskers to the lion’s mane you’ve always dreamed of. Enriched with vitamins, micronutrients, and essential oils like almond oil, certified organic hemp seed oil, coconut oil and shea butter, beard oil can help to improve facial hair, skin health and stimulate new growth. And once you’ve reached your ideal length, you can continue to maintain your shiny and healthy beard with beard oil. It’s a product ideal for beards of all shapes and sizes. 

Beard oil is not only beneficial to your facial hair but most crucially to the skin underneath. Anyone with beard-growing experience will understand how annoying the pesky beard growth itch can be. Maintaining smooth and hydrated skin can help to minimise itchiness, discomfort and the dreaded ‘beardruff’ that comes hand in hand with growing facial hair.

At the start of your beard growth journey, you’ll likely experience irritation as the hair get denser and covers the skin underneath. This density can make it challenging to cleanse the skin underneath and retain the moisture barrier, making the area dry and itchy. Beard oil is the solution.

Can you use beard oil on short beards

The main reasons to implement a beard oil in your daily routine are:

  • To prevent the stubborn beard itch
  • To promote beard growth
  • To keep your hair and skin healthy, conditioned and moisturised
  • To improve your beard appearance (regardless of length)
  • To make your beard smell amazing

 Beard Oil Or Balm for Stubble?

Which is preferable when it comes down to beard oil or balm for stubble and shorter beards? In our opinion, beard oil.

Both beard balm and beard oil are excellent tools in your beard care arsenal. However, from the perspective of someone with a shorter beard, yet to reach its full potential, opt for beard oil. While it’s great for styling and moisturising longer beards, investing in a beard balm may not yet be required if your beard is newly sprouted.

Beard oils are an component aspect of your short beard care. Just because your beard might be shorter and more manageable, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair and skincare routine. Providing nutrients and moisture back to your skin will leave your beard thanking you. 

Because of the styling qualities, beard balm has to offer, this product is more ideal for those with longer, thicker, and denser beardage. But that’s not to say that if you have a shorter beard, you can’t choose a beard balm if that’s what your heart so desires. Beard balm for short beard also offers a range of benefits, from preventing dandruff, itchiness and dryness, to providing protection from the elements and giving your beard a thicker appearance. So, while beard oil is the more popular choice for shorter beards, the choice is ultimately yours. 

Applying Beard Oil for Short Beards

Can you use beard oil on short beards? Yes, and here’s how:

  1. Place two to three drops of oil into the palm of your hand, depending on the length of your beard.
  2. Rub your hands together to warm up the oil
  3. Massage the oil through your hair in an upwards direction, spreading the oil fairly and thoroughly
  4. Apply more oil if you feel you haven’t used enough but be careful not to overdo it. Too much can make your beard look greasy.
  5. Style and comb your beard to the desired look
  6. Conquer the day feeling and smelling amazing 

The benefits of beard oil for short beardsDo I Need To Use Beard Oil?

Now that we’ve covered “can you use beard oil on short beards?”, it’s worth reinstating that any man who aspires to grow his facial hair out should be using beard oil. If you’ve ever attempted to grow your facial hair, chances are you’ll know the discomfort that comes with the early stages of growth, all too well. Our nutrient-dense oils will be your saving grace. 

Jericho Australia offers an extensive range of irresistibly scented beard oils that are sure to leave an impression. Health benefits aside, beard oil is a great way to ensure your beard grows up strong to reach its maximum potential. 

Show your beard the respect it deserves by shopping Jericho’s beard oil collection. In the mood for something sweet? Try our Fruit Fusion Beard Oil. If you’re after a beard oil with earthier notes, go for our Lumberjack Beard Oil. With an expansive range of unique scents, we’re confident you’ll find one you like. 

Can’t choose just one? Why not try and test a few? The Wall of Jericho Kit (Sample or Travel Size) offers you a selection of scents, from Espresso Martini, Salted Caramel, Suits and Cigars and more.

The Best Beard Oil Available

To summarise, Can you use beard oil on short beards? Absolutely.

Beard oil is a valuable addition to your grooming routine, whether you’re sporting scruff or an unruly mane. It can ease the discomfort of dryness, itchiness and skin flakiness.  

At Jericho Australia, we’ve carefully designed our organic beard oils using locally sourced, natural ingredients. Our extensive range of enticing scents not only make you smell amazing but also aid in your beard growth by creating a conducive environment for new hair follicles.

Prices for our irresistible beard oils start at $32 for a 50ML bottle. Treat yourself and your beard to our collection of beard oils.

Why Choose Jericho?

At Jericho Australia, we are a team of beard enthusiasts dedicated to sourcing natural, high-quality ingredients with tantalising scents to aid in your beard growth journey. When you purchase our products, you can have complete confidence knowing you’re supporting a fully Australian-owned business that sources ingredients locally within Brisbane. On top of that, we’re also 100% cruelty-free. Our products have been tested on beards and beards only.

Shop our selection of beard oils; keep calm, and beard on!

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