How to Straighten Your Beard

Unfortunately, not everyone can be blessed with naturally straight beard hair. For some of us, we need to draw on a bit of hard work with the help of some beard care products to tame that wild facial hair and give ourselves a neat and tidy beard. If you’re wondering exactly how to straighten curly beards, then read on for our tips.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to straightening our precious beard hairs:

  • Facial hair is typically thicker and coarser than head hair and will grow in several different directions.
  • You can definitely smoothen and straighten your beard effectively with a beard straightening device.
  • Keep your chosen style of beard in check with a high-quality beard balm.


Tips for a Straighter Beard

The answer to how to straighten a curly or wild beard always begins with prevention. Here are some of our best tips below to avoid the unruly or curly beard hair altogether.

  1. Keeping your beard clean

Having a clean beard is crucial, no matter how grand or unruly your hair seems to be. Keeping significant contaminants like food, drinks, dirt and other pollution out of your beard will significantly improve the way it feels and mitigate the effects they can have on your beard’s natural curl.

Every time you clean your glorious beard, it should always be with dedicated beard products. The texture between the hair on your scalp and the hair in your beard is very different and should be treated as such.  Even if your daily shower gel says all-purpose, your beard will thank you for purchasing and integrating a proper beard shampoo into your daily beard care routine.

  1. Moisturising your beard

Just as you would moisturise your skin to keep it plump, so too should you be focusing on hydrating your beard to keep it from excessive curling. Dry, dead beard hair tends to curl and develop into split ends. Unlike your scalp, your face does not actually produce enough natural oils to keep your facial hair soft and luscious.


list of useful products to moisturise your beard

Moisturising your beard can be done with a wet and warm towel after a shower. This boosts the efficiency of your Jericho hydrating products. The soft heat and moisture from the towel opens up the pores on your face and gently soften your beard hairs. After applying your beard oil, it will trap all the minerals from the water inside, leaving your face and facial hair feeling and looking refreshed.

  1. Towel drying

While some men use heating elements to achieve a straighter beard, some prefer the look of towel drying. Ensure all tangles and knots are removed after using a Jericho shampoo product in the shower. Once you’re out of the shower, begin to dry in a downward direction. Work to ensure you are drying in a uniform approach to train your hair to naturally form a straight beard. 

  1. Using Jericho beard balms

Beard balms have many of the same properties as oils for facial hair. However, they often provide a stronger hold to keep your beard looking straighter throughout the day. Beard products like balms are more commonly used by men with medium to long beards but can be used by anyone who could benefit from a bit of styling help. The wax and butter found within Jericho Balms help give your beard a fuller, less unkempt appearance.


Can You Straighten a Beard with a Hair Straightener?

Often the allure of a hair straightener may seem too powerful to ignore, but can you use it as a beard straightener? Firstly, it’s essential that you understand that your beard is made up of thousands of tiny individual hairs that grow and behave very differently from the hairs on your head. With that in mind, any device will react very differently to the hair on your beard as an improvised beard straightener compared to those on your head.

In most instances, using a hair straightener is best suited for those wizards among us with longer beards. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of straightening your long beard without the use of any chemicals and ensures a uniform straighten.

To make the best use of the straightening iron, you’ll need to get right up close to the roots of your hair, then slowly draw the straightener across the strands. Keep in mind that these straighteners make use of serious heat, and the risk of your skin or, worse, your beard hair getting burned is very high, so be careful.

What’s even better than a hair straightener, is a beard straightener. With Jericho’s 2 in 1 beard straightening brush, you have all the benefits of beard straighteners but with a more beard friendly shape and function for those smaller beards.


How to straighten small beard hair

If you’re having trouble mastering how to straighten small facial hair, on the other hand, then the hair straightener method probably isn’t for you. Methods for taming shorter curls are best done with the help of a product that has a high level of hold, coupled with regular brushing of the hair to ensure symmetry. Jericho’s range of beard straightening products are also great for short to medium length beards.


importance of symmetry for straight beard hair description text

Straightening your beard with a hair dryer and comb or brush

Straightening your beard with a hair dryer and either a beard comb or beard brush is one of the most readily available options out there, and it is very easy to make it part of your daily beard maintenance routine. There are many types of combs and brushes; we will warn you to keep away from those made of plastic or metal, as they can cause static and make your beard even curlier than before. If you have a thicker beard, make sure you select a comb with wider spaced teeth. Our Jericho combs and brushes are made from natural materials like wood and boar bristles to ensure effectiveness on even the toughest and curliest beard hairs.

When it comes to matching the combing or brushing technique with your blow dryer, you’ll want to make sure that heat of the blow dryer stays on low, and you are gentle with your tool of choice. Once you’ve begun by drying your beard gently with a towel, use your comb or brush to lift your beard hair upwards and outwards in the opposite direction to your skin. Keep the blow dryer pointed towards the base of your lovely hair shafts. Once your stylish beard is nearly dry, switch the direction of your brushing or combing to a downwards motion and reposition the dryer to follow the natural growth of your facial hair; keep doing this until the hair is nice and dry from the blow dryer and you have a nice straight beard. To ensure this position, finish the process off with some special Jericho beard oil or balm to lock those hairs in check and keep your beard looking its best.


why to avoid regualar shampoo on beard description text


Chemical Straightening Products

Chemical straightening products can be more helpful if you want a longer-lasting, straight effect on your beard, but they are not the be-all and end-all for how to straighten your beard. They offer very practical solutions for extremely curly beard hair. However, many products used for hair straightening can damage your hair if they are not used correctly. Some of these products contain harsh chemicals and should only be applied by a trained professional. When improperly applied, they can damage the beard you’ve worked so hard on growing or irritate your skin.



Keeping your beard in check is easy with Jericho. From our selection of beard oil and beard balm as well as straightening devices, we’ve made taking care of your beard easy.

At Jericho, we pride ourselves on offering the finest selection of beard products like beard oil and beard balm that have been developed using naturally sourced, premium ingredients with a range of seductive fragrances.  By supporting Jericho, you’re supporting a fully Australian-owned business that sources its ingredients locally in Brisbane. We are also 100% cruelty-free, our products have been tested on beards and beards alone by our passionate and dedicated staff. Beard on, brothers!

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