How Often Should You Brush Your Beard?

One of the most common mistakes newly bearded men make is that they don’t treat their beard with the same respect as the hair on top of their head. Your beard is just as important and deserves the same level of care. But if you’re new to the game, you’re probably wondering how often you should brush your beard. Fear not, young one, Jericho is here to ensure your beard gets the attention it deserves.

Typically, we recommend one brush to your beard per day. However, beard brushing is not only a question of frequency but also of quality; this guide will run you through it all.


The Importance of Beard Brushing

Beard brushing is an integral part of keeping your beard neat and under control. A man with an unkempt beard is a man who can’t be trusted. Frequent brushing trains your beard hair to grow in your chosen direction (hopefully downwards!) and keeps your facial hair free of dandruff. Brushing your beard will also help move the oil that your body naturally produces throughout the beard equally.

Brushing is a fundamental part of beard maintenance; however, it is essential not to overdo it. We recommend once per day, which is enough to ensure you receive all the positive benefits of considered brushing. Any more than this, and you will run the risk of creating split ends that make for an even shabbier look.

can you overbrush a beard?
We only recommend using a beard brush on your growing beard after three months. If you don’t have enough hair to catch the bristles of the brush, you will likely only scratch your face, which can cause irritation.

Beard Brushing Basics

So many people jump straight to asking how often you should brush your beard and forget the elementary fundamentals of brushing. Men often make the mistake of brushing downwards with their beards to add volume. In actual fact, combing upwards has the better effect of making the beard appear fuller and adds width. Brushing downwards should be a practice reserved for those with longer beards that want to emphasise the length. Both beard lengths will benefit from upwards brushing underneath the neck.

Giving your beard a brush when wet or dry is entirely up to you. Dry styling can be better for thicker beards, but you also run the risk of irritation and pulling of the skin. Brushing too wet can cause tangled hairs to come out completely. So, your best option is towel drying your beard, leaving it slightly damp before kicking off your morning brush.

Combing vs Brushing

Not only should you know, how often should you brush your beard? But also, with what you should be brushing with. The debate on combing versus brushing has been around almost as long as the beard itself. We take a more impartial view; the length of your beard should determine the best tool for you. When you start growing your first beard, you’ll want to stick to a brush for the shorter hairs.

Generally, at the four-month mark, you should begin to integrate the use of a comb for longer hairs. Combs work better at untangling more stubborn strands and giving your beard that smoother flow. Buying the right comb or brush is very important. The size and shape of the brush or comb need to work with your own beard length and thickness. Buying a beard comb or brush sounds easy enough, but buying the right beard comb or brush isn’t as simple.

You’ll find that the daily brush or comb of your beard will be impacted differently by the tool you use. Combing gives you more options when you style, and brushing is better for cleaning out dirt, training your beard, and distributing beard oil.

During the daily combing or brushing of your beard, ensure you get the most out of your brush by adding some beard oil at the same time.

Benefits of Brushing Your Beard

Beyond the incredible sensation of a bristly beard brush rushing through your beard, brushing your beard does wonders for your facial hair. Some of our favourite benefits are listed below:

• Brushes spread natural oils across your beard, which helps stimulate further growth of healthier hair and encourages further growth in those with patchier beards.
• Dry styling is sometimes preferred to combing after a shower for a comfier manscaping experience.
• Brushing creates a thicker and more voluminous look to your beard.
• Stubborn beard hairs respond better over time to increased brushing.
why boar bristles work best for beard brushing

Benefits of Combing Your Beard

Beard combing comes in handy when you’re looking to get into styling your beard. Having extra precision and control when it comes to maintaining your beard can help you achieve more intricate styling types whilst keeping your beard healthy and clean. More of the best combing benefits are listed below:

• Expert detangling that removes knots without pulling hair from the base
• More accurate when trimming or styling your beard
• More even distribution when coupled with the use of beard balms and oils

Will Beard Brushing Help My Beard Grow?

A common question often asked alongside “how often should you brush your beard?” is whether it will help in its growth. The short answer is, unfortunately, no, brushing does not directly lead to the growth of hairs. Brushing your beard will help it grow in the right direction and paint the illusion of a more extensive and fuller beard. So, whilst it will not directly help it grow, there are benefits to brushing.
how long you need to brush your beard for

Do I Also Need to Wash My Beard Every Day?

By now, you’ll have understood how often you should brush your beard, but you might also be concerned about how frequently you need to wash it. The simple answer to this is that there is no correct answer! Many factors will impact your need to wash your beard often; job type, skin type, or length of the beard are all significant determiners to the frequency you also need to wash your beard.

You must ensure that your beard is always clean. A dirty beard can harbour all sorts of nasty toxins and dirt that are detrimental to your skin. Excessive cleaning coupled with excessive brushing can remove the natural oils in your beard that will dry out your skin below.

So, do you need to wash every day? The answer is that typically, you don’t need to wash as frequently as you brush. The best way to find this out is to experiment with how your skin and beard hair reacts. If you naturally have more oily skin, you should increase the frequency you wash your beard with beard shampoo to lower dandruff and acne.

Brush Better with Jericho

Now you know how often you should brush your beard; it’s now essential to get the most out of your lone daily brush. Jericho has Australia’s finest selection of beard brushes, beard combs, beard oils to make your brush or comb count. All our beard products are tried and tested on beards and beards alone. When coupled with a Jericho beard brush or comb, you are sure to have a luscious beard, the envy of all your beardless friends. Made from 100% natural boar bristles, the Jericho beard brush is perfect for taming unruly hairs. So, whether you’re a brusher or a comber, make sure you’re bearding it right with Jericho.

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