7 Tips to Promote Faster Beard Growth

For the men that aren't showing, it's time to get growing. Now is the time to ditch the prepubescent stubble and join your fellow men with a beard you aren't embarrassed to show off. Beards are in, and for those of you who struggle to sprout a whisker, we have the tips to help you get there. Full, long, sculpted, or wild; learn what it takes to grow the beard you desire fast.

What affects the rate of beard growth?

Ever wondered why it is that some of us are able to grow longer facial hair,  and others can’t seem to muster more than a five o’clock shadow? There are many reasons as to why some men struggle to grow their facial hair, and why a lot of men find that they can only grow it at a glacial pace, if at all.

Generally, adult men normally have thousands of beard hair follicles - but this number is decided by genetics and could, for some of us, be far less. Some ethnicities, such as those in the Far East, simply don't have as many follicles, which is why their beard hair mainly only grows around the mouth. So, depending on your genetics and ethnicity, it may not be your fault that you can't grow a lengthy wizard beard down to your feet - and you need to embrace the bare.

For those that do have the facial hair,  but just can't get the beard to grow, you need to investigate the other factors. These can be things that thankfully you can control, such as sleep, diet, exercise, stress, smoking, as well as  your skin and beard care routine.

7 Tips to Promote Faster Beard Growth

Let’s dive into  seven of the most tried and true tips on how to promote faster beard growth - with a focus on exposing the reasons that determine why you aren't getting the speedy results you're after. Try these tips and you should have the ladies looking over in awe in no time as you debut the beard you have always wanted.

1. Reduce stress on your body and mind

Taking a deep breath may have just gained you an inch or two, and this time it's where it really counts. Reducing stress on your mind and body is key to hair growth.

The best way of keeping your beard hair growing is by producing testosterone which is the main hormone that contributes to beard growth. 

This can be an issue if you find yourself to be particularly wound up, as stress is the killer of testosterone. Stressing out over the fact that you scratched the new bike's fender, or that you forgot to put the milk back in the fridge is actually making your body produce cortisol, which is a hormone that decreases your testosterone levels.

So, try not to sweat the small stuff, because it could be making a big difference to how quickly your beard is growing.

2. Get more sleep

Turns out catching the zz's is not only great at improving your mood but also your beard! Sleep has a huge impact on the way your body regenerates its cells, which impacts how fast you can grow that goatee. So don’t snooze on this tip and make sure you're getting your recommended eight hours a night.

3. Exercise regularly

Who knew? Working out is good for your body AND your beard. It's all linked once again to our favourite hair-growing hormone, testosterone. So, there's no need to grow the beard to hide a weak jawline, your new fuzz will instead be enhancing the chiselled jaw you will have gained from getting in those reps. 

4. Have a balanced diet

Gone are the days of takeout every night. If you're going to get the long, luscious beard you've been vying for, you can’t expect it to happen with a poor diet. Having a balanced diet that favours foods such as eggs, red meat and green veggies, promotes those good beard hair-growing hormones and hopefully your overall health too.

5. Use beard oil

If you're new to the beard game, we have just given you the biggest secret to success. Beard oil is the magic solution that makes your facial locks super soft, smelling great, and most importantly - it stimulates growth. Massage any of our top-notch beard oils into your chin for the best quality results (and aroma), in town. Watch out as you're likely to attract more attention than you can handle. For a guide on the best way to use our beard oils check out our blog article.

6. Stop smoking

Time to consider quitting smoking if you want to retain and maintain the beard. Studies have linked the act of smoking to hair loss. So, if you have been thinking about quitting just one more reason to ditch the habit.

7. Take care of your skin

Believe it or not - the skin underneath your beard is just as important as the hair itself. It's time to practise some serious personal hygiene and invest in a great cleanser and moisturiser to keep that skin healthy and glowing. By washing your face, you're removing the dirt and grime that can block pores and discourage your hair follicle from growing.

Invest in high-quality beard care with Jericho

Time to get the right stuff, to get you the right results. At Jericho, we have worked to formulate the best beard care tools and products in the business. Using our high-quality beard oils with our handy tips above is the ideal combination and should have you sprouting a new look in no time. Shop our beard oil range and be on your way to finally start seeing the results you’ve been wishing for. 

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