Manscaping 101: Beating Beard Dandruff

If you are growing a thick beard that embodies lumberjack or Navy SEAL energy, you’ll have to learn how to make it look good on you. Sometimes, the environment around us can cause changes in the way our hairs grow and how our skin looks and feels. This environment-based issue is why many develop dandruff on their scalp, or even on their beards.

Let’s face it; beard dandruff is a turnoff. Who wants to see dead skin falling off of someone’s prized facial hair? This “snowfall” can ruin dates, business meetings, or even potential friendships. While dandruff is often not reflective of a person’s hygiene, it usually comes off that way. So, how do you solve this irritating problem of dead skin? Jericho Australia has you covered:

First Off, What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff is dead skin cells that have built up, which then fall off of a person’s scalp or beard. Dead skin is caused by dry skin, fungal or bacterial presence, or sensitivity to certain skincare products. When dandruff occurs, it can often be difficult to remove. This is why no matter what anti-dandruff shampoo you use, it likely won’t disappear quickly. Removing dead skin cell matter is a slow procedure that entails the use of proper products that are easy on the skin.

Some people can develop a fungus or yeast infection on the skin called Malassezia, which feeds on the sebum oil from skin then putting out oleic acid. Oleic acid causes inflammation, which makes skin cells grow and flake off quickly.

Changing Up Your Skincare Products Can Make a Difference

The issue with modern skin products is that some contain many potent chemicals that can dry up the skin and cause skin cells to die quickly. Many anti-dandruff products can result in this, along with using these strong products on your beard and skin. Some cause imbalances in skin pH levels, causing sensitivity to tip over and make skin extremely dry.

Contact dermatitis can occur due to certain people having harsh reactions to grooming products. This skin irritation can cause red, and itchy skin that flakes off.

Invest In Proper Beard and Skin Care Products

Remember that your beard relies on the skin beneath it to thrive. If the products you use on your face cause adverse reactions to the skin, it will compromise the growth of your beard. The best way is to purchase the right skincare products specialised for facial hair growth. Jericho Australia’s 2-in-1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner products are crafted specifically for those with sensitive skin. This way, you get a nice smelling beard and healthy skin without the harsh chemicals present.

After washing your facial hair to clear it of all the oils, grease, and other dirt from the day, running beard oil and beard creams through it goes a long way. Doing this will keep it well-maintained, shiny, and healthy. Jericho Australia also carries a variety of beard creams and beard oils that can assist in the healthy growth of hair.

Don’t Forget To Groom

While the lumberjack look is cool and all, nothing can beat a well-kept lumberjack getup. By combing and brushing your facial hair, this distributes natural oils and keeps dandruff under control. Wash your face often and shampoo your beard twice a week at the least. Use a variety of neutral cleansers and skincare products to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry up, and remember not to overdo the entire thing.


Taking care of your beard is important in its growth, as well as keeping it free from dead skin cells that cause dandruff. A well-cared-for beard is something that the ladies love, and will definitely have you looking great at all times. Groom accordingly and don’t forget to purchase the right care products for your face.

Jericho Australia is a premium seller of beard care products that can promote healthy skin and facial hair growth for men. If you wish to rejuvenate and rehydrate your face through skin-safe and vegan-friendly products, Jericho Australia’s products have you covered. View our catalogue to find the right scent and beard products for your lifestyle.

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