Prepping Your Beard for No Shave November

Those who can grow a full set of facial hair in merely a few days are truly blessed by the gods of testosterone. A full, thick beard can do wonders for a man’s face that can ultimately change his appearance. This is why the big boy special forces of the military grow out their beards to remain untraceable on the internet. It also gives them that aggressive look that stands out with all the cool tactical gear they wear.

With September 5 crowned as the World Beard Day, men all over are getting a head start on growing their beards for the famous No Shave November. So if you’re wondering why people are all of a sudden putting on thick beards, you know that No Shave November is coming up!

Beard Growth Requires Patience For Most

Facial hair really cannot be accelerated if your genetic buildup does not support it. While some may not be able to grow facial hair at all, some can bust a full bushy beard in a week or so. There are also instances where men grow incomplete beards that have spots and patches of growth—but nothing as thick and bushy as others can.

Even guys who think they cannot grow beards can actually do so, but it will probably just take three or four times longer compared to someone who has the genes for it. Asian men, in particular, are normally the ones who struggle to grow complete beards—but it is actually possible with a lot of time and patience.

Constant Care Is Necessary While Growing

If your beard is growing to a significant length, it is likely time to start trimming it—but in a manscaping approach! For those who plan to grow it long, trim the sides regularly to keep it neat and orderly as it grows, allowing you to prevent fly-aways.

Unkempt beards are also pretty cool, but it depends on the person rocking the beard and what aesthetic he wants to go for. The thick lumberjack beard style can keep your face warm during the winter and act as a shield for your face.

Beards Can Be Disgusting If Not Cared For, So Make Sure To Clean Your Beard!

Like the hairs on your scalp, your beard will accumulate oil, dirt, and grime throughout the day. When you eat with a full beard, it is likely that food material will be stuck on it, too—which is not a pleasant experience!

Beard oils, like Jericho Australia’s Espresso Martini Beard Oil, can make your beard smell amazing and rejuvenate the skin under it. Additionally, beard shampoos are a great investment for those who have extremely thick beards, as these can carry dirt and bacteria after a long day out. Use Jericho Australia’s 2 In 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner in the Coconut Cream scent for a thoroughly cleansed and hydrated beard.

Grooming Is Essential For The Modern Man

While having the wild and unkempt beard contributes heavily to the manly look, it also pays to care for the hairs on your face by giving them the best products to clean them. A good trim once in a while can make you look extremely well-groomed and professional.

The modern man is no longer a caveman, and grooming is just as important as any aspect of daily hygiene!


When growing a beard, giving it the proper care and attention is important. With No-Shave November coming up, it pays to have a trim to keep it neat, while using a range of beard care products to have your facial hair looking fresh and clean all the time!

Jericho Australia is the number one dealer of beard care products in Australia. With products ranging from beard balms to beard shampoos and everything in between, manscaping can be a breeze for anyone. View our catalogue and choose the best products to assist you this November—and beyond!

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