The Right Sequence to Follow for Men's Grooming Routine

There is no wrong or right skincare product for everyone since every skin is different. However, not all men know that they should commit their grooming practices to an order. This is why many face and beard care routines don’t give the best effect, even if you maintain them daily.

The right sequence for a gentleman’s grooming routine

Although every gentleman has their own unique grooming routine, the fundamental sequence doesn’t change.

In this article, we will show you the eleven steps you should take when performing your grooming routine.

Step#1:Start with your shampoo and conditioner

After scrubbing your body while in the shower, always start with cleaning your hair. Use a shampoo that works well with your hair to avoid dandruff, and add conditioner to help maintain its moisture and shine.

Step#2: Facial cleanser

Working your way down from the hair, you should then use your face wash to remove the presence of oil and dirt. This will help you prep up later for your post-shower grooming routine.

Step#3: Body wash

Next is to scrub everything from below your neck with body wash. Don’t just stop with your abdomen, but go all the way from your crotch to your toes.

Step#4: Shaving cream

After rinsing your entire body, next comes shaving. The best time to get a clean and close shave is right after a warm shower since your skin is still supple and warm.

Step#5: Aftershave

Using an aftershave helps close up your exposed pores from shaving. It also prevents bacteria from your razor to stick and stay on your pores.

Step#6: Hair and beard treatment

If you’re using oil for your hair or your beard, now’s the time to use them while your hair is still wet. Keep in mind that some products can make your hair look greasy, so it’s up to you whether you should do this now or save it for later when you’re fully dry.

Step#7: Toner

Next comes your skincare treatment. Applying a toner will help prep your skin for the latter products that you will use. Let the toner settle on your skin for five minutes to work its effect on your face.

Step#8: Moisturizer

Just like your shampoo, you should find a moisturizer that agrees well with your skin type. Sometimes, your skin’s preference changes as you grow older, so you should upgrade your products accordingly. Don’t forget to moisturize your body too, especially if you’re heading outdoors.

Step#9: Deodorant

To cap off your body’s grooming routine, you should apply deodorant to prevent body odour and sweat.

Step#10: Hairstyling

Now that your hair’s dry, you can start with a pre-styler to prepare it for your styling products. Doing so helps you smoothen out any frizz or build extra volume to your hair before you style it. Depending on your preference, you can use wax, gel, mousse, or clay to fix your hair. Additionally, using a setting spray can give extra protection for your hair’s look.

Step#11: End with your fragrance

Lastly, you should pick the right fragrance to match the occasion, whether you’re just going to the office or heading to a formal event. Remember to spray on the neck and pressure points to keep scent last a long time.


Taking the extra few minutes to wrap up your grooming routine is essential in maintaining your hygiene. Looking your best is always important, whether you’re going to a casual meetup outdoors or staying indoors to attend a video meeting. With your unique blend of grooming tools and styling equipment, your personal routine will help you stay and feel confident to face any social event.

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