4 Things to Go Over With Your Barber Before a Beard Trim

A perfectly-groomed beard is a thing of incomparable beauty. Many bearers of a bountiful bush of hair upon their chin know that there are few things that compare to looking into a mirror and seeing a glorious mane framing their face perfectly. As such, it is important to take a proactive and communicative approach when having your beard trimmed by a barber.

In this article, we are going to talk about the considerations you should go over with your barber before the first pair of scissors even goes “Snip!”

1. What style you should go for

If this is your first time going to a barber to have your beard trimmed, it might make it easier if you show your barber references of styles and looks you are curious about trying. If you are unsure, barbershops usually have references available to help you decide. These references are also likely to show styles they have used on others in the past, so they would be used to doing them.

2. If your chosen beard style fits your face

The beard is meant to serve as both a focal point of the face and as framing. As such, it should highlight and complement your natural features in a balanced manner. Even then, different beard styles could be applied to different face shapes to produce varied looks.

A man with a round or oval face, for example, can use a more square beard style in order to give their jaw a more rectangular and stronger appearance. A person with a less prominent chin could achieve more balance in their face with a more pointed beard. The possibilities are endless, and you should make sure to have that talk with your barber about your options.

3. How to style it on your own

Visits to the barber might be rare, but personal grooming will happen on a regular basis. As such, make sure to have a discussion with your barber about how to recreate that fantastic look. The barber should be openly talking about the process as he executes the trim and styling.

In addition to this, it’s also important to ask what products you might need to help you recreate it. A beard comb, oil, and balm should be a good baseline.

4. How long before you’ll need to come in for a trim

Hair grows. It is impossible that you will be able to maintain a specific style for longer than two to four weeks. Have a talk with your beard-trimming professional about the longevity of your current style. If the numbers are too short, it might be time to learn to do maintenance trims all by yourself.

In conclusion

Whatever your face shape might be, whatever style you hope to achieve, it is always important to have a discussion with barbers about how you want to look. Make sure to go over these considerations carefully with them, as it might take a while for a beard to grow back if you are dissatisfied with the results.

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