The Beard Benefits of Combining Beard Balms and Beard Oils

Perhaps the most essential aspects of beard care are the use of beard balms and beard oils. They are important to keep the skin under your facial hair moisturized and can be used to give your mane some structure.

While most bearers of the beautiful crown of facial hair use only one of these products at a time, they can actually be used in tandem to get the benefits of both products. The beard oil can moisturize the hair and give it an attractive scent, while the balm can give some hold to that glorious crown of hair.

What exactly are beard balms?

These balms are generally made of butter and oils. Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, and argan oil are just some possible examples. More often than not, this is combined with beeswax, which acts as a hardening agent similar to that of hair waxes and pomades.

The beeswax keeps the mixture solid until your body temperature melts it down in your hands, which can then be applied to your mane. Generally, there are different balms for varying purposes. Balms that are more prone to melting into their base ingredients, for example, could be used to give your crown of facial hair more sheen, but are likely to provide less structure.

Most balms tend to have a balance of both conditioning and hold for general use. 

How is it different from beard oil?

Beard oils use generally the same ingredients, excluding butter and beeswax. Argan oils, castor oils, and avocado oils are just some of the essential oils that can be used as an oil for facial hair.

They generally remain liquid at room temperatures and are used to hydrate and condition the hair and skin. It is also fantastic for adding pleasant scents to your person. While they are generally not used to give structure to a mane, it is still possible if a board hairbrush is used with it.

How do I know if I should try them together?

It is good to use these products in combination if you feel you are not getting enough from using just one of them. It is not common for these products to be used together, but it can be beneficial either way.

Another good time to use them in tandem is if in the early stages of growth. Both can be used to deal with the intense itching in the early stages. Depending on the products you use, you can even promote faster growth if you use it right, reducing the need to resist the itching.

If you start with oil, it might be easier to apply the balms, and the slickness added by the oil can make it easier for the balm to spread throughout your mane.


Whatever preference you have for the length and style of your beard, it is important to know about the various options you have when it comes to grooming. Combining a beard balm with a beard oil might just be the edge your magnificent mane needs for the perfect style.

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