Reasons to Grow a Beard



Beards have been going in and out of trend since Jesus played fullback for Jerusalem.  I’m here to tell you that they also offer quite a few benefits not just to your appearance, but also to your health.  

A lot of men do not have the privilege to grow a beard. If you are someone who can, then here are a few reasons why you should.   



Shaving sucks, let’s be honest. Why would you want to shave every day instead of sporting an epic beard? Shaving on a regular basis is a shuttle that transports bacteria around your face, result- potential clogged pores, acne, cuts, bumps and irritation. As you shave, you’re pushing and dragging copious amounts of oil, gunk and dirt around your face and plugging up your pores.  Allowing your beard to grow promotes healthy skin. Exposed pores lead to moisture disappearing from the skin and drying up your face. When you have a beard, this is not an issue. 

Take care of your beard by washing it 2-3 times a week with coconut oil and/or beard wash. Use a natural beard oil and also a balm once it hits a certain length. Don’t forget to shape it sometimes using your clippers (see Top 5 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Beard for tips). Beats the hell out of shaving every day in our opinion.





What man isn’t more attractive with a beard? (well, maybe the odd few) This is a simple one, but it is generally a main reason for why blokes grow a beard. Do you want to be more attractive? Ugh, yes. According to a study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, which asked 8500 women to rate men, with and without their beards, astonishingly all 8500 women preferred men with facial hair.  



Do you remember asking your mates what women find attractive? Well I know I did. Confidence is king. Having a beard promotes confidence in yourself and may even promote other people having confidence in you. I’ve heard and read through various sources that men with beards often come off as confident yet approachable. Making the decision to grow a beard will set a high standard for yourself and for your life. Beard is power.  





Think of a beard as a layer of protection. It protects your skin from exposure to the elements (sun, wind, pollution) Think about it- the sun and those pesky UV rays; less of that means less wrinkles. Those who have the option to make use of these benefits should get on the beard train and stop at no stations.


Gum disease

Beards again, are at the forefront of your bodies defence lowering the chances of airborne bacteria making their way into your mouth. This can significantly decrease the chances of gum disease. All you must do is grow a beard. Pretty easy decision.  


“Grow a beard. Then we’ll talk”

            Abraham Lincoln (or someone like him)

 Joshua Koitka | Jericho Australia

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