Top 5 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Beard

Maintaining a beard can be kind of a nightmare, let’s face it. There is no one step shortcut to keep it all in check. It takes a little time and patience.  

Being in the Australian Army for 10 Years I was forced to shave every single day. Even in the most unhygienic places known to man. But none the less shaving was considered a morale booster. Trust me, not one morale was boosted, ever. Years went on and I started to have ongoing problems with my skin. I would constantly have ingrown hairs which were quite painful and also made my neck look quite unpleasant. It looked like someone went to my neck with a hatchet.

I was diagnosed with a skin condition called Pseudofolliculitis Barbae which is a chronic inflammation of hair-bearing areas of the skin caused by ingrown hairs that develop after shaving or plucking. So in result of this the Army was nice enough to let me grow a beard. Years passed again and the Army decided to change its ruling on facial hair. In short I was given the ultimatum to shave or leave. So I decided to leave the Military.

Now I can wear my beard with pride and no one is going to tell me to shave. If they did I wouldn't be working there. So back to the topic at hand, I want to share my Top 5 tips on how to keep your beard in mint condition. Remember, it takes a little time and patience. Spend a couple of minutes a day keeping it in check and you will set yourself up for a great day ahead. 

1. Coconut Oil

My biggest problem is dry flakes and itchiness. I would have crap all over my shirt, on my shoulders, in my beard. It was not a good look. A beard can be an epic sidekick in the dating game but if it’s not looked after it turns into a fierce enemy. I can’t stress how valuable coconut oil is. Normal beard wash did not work for me. It dried out my skin and the old faithful dry flakes would come back. My partner suggested coconut oil, I know this sounds fake but after my first wash the dry flakes were gone. My beard was hydrated and felt really good on my face. It is as simple as putting a small amount of coconut oil in your hand and massaging it through your beard when you shower then rinse with the warm water. Do it once every 2 days and say goodbye to dry flakes. I’m giving you this challenge. 

 2. Beard Oil

If you are rocking a beard and don't have beard oil on hand then your beard game needs to be stepped up. But I say this with a condition. I have used many beard oils before and the only thing they're doing for you that is beneficial for your beard is making it smell better. Too many chemicals doing more harm than good. What you're looking for is natural made beard oils. The countless benefits of natural oils do wonders for your beard. It keeps it hydrated, smooth, shiny, and most of all it looks healthy. It actually makes you looks healthy. If your beard looks dull then your whole persona will follow. Just rub a little bit in before you head out in the morning and after your shower at night. Beard oils gents, get amongst it. 

 3. Brush

Your beards best friend is a strong bristled beard brush. You really need this in your arsenal in the fight for beard perfection. After you chuck on the beard oil, use the beard brush to brush your hair down towards the chin line. This helps move the oil through your beard and pushes it down to the skin underneath. It will help a lot  with shaping, untangling and styling your beard. Pushing the hair down towards the cheek line can also make your face look slimmer. You can use the beard brush any time- not just when using beard oil. 

 4. Blow dry and Beard Balm

I know most of you probably don't like to blow dry your hair. But behind closed doors no one cares what you're blowing. Not only will this air out your beard but it helps you style it. Your hair becomes a little straighter and a little firmer which makes it simple to shape it the way you want. This is where the beard balm comes in. It’ll give you a natural hold to allow you to shape your beard. Blow dry then balm, remember that. Spend one minute to give your beard the tender loving care it deserves. 

 5. Shaping

We all see these epic beards on social media. All styled up and on point. Well it can actually be quite simple to achieve. Combined with steps 1 to 4 you can have the desired look you want. If you haven’t already you want to purchase a good quality beard trimmer that has the ability to range from 2 mm - 14 mm. I use the Phillips multi groom 18 in 1. At the side burns make sure its the same length as the hair so you get the good transition and it doesn't look disconnected. (Unless you're going for that look then go for it). Working down towards the chin, the hair should be getting longer and longer. This creates symmetry to your face and gives you that nice masculine jawline. For example I start at 4 mm near the ear, then 6 mm, then 8 mm and my chin is at 14 mm. For your first time I suggest going a bit longer until you're comfortable with the length. 

It takes a little time and patience but the benefits far out way the bad. Join me in the fight for the perfected beard, boys.  


Joshua Koitka  |  Jericho Australia 


I and my friends were going through the nice, helpful tips from the blog then the sudden came up with an awful suspicion I never expressed respect to the website owner for those secrets.

Robert April 05, 2020

Always had problems with a flakey beard after a couple washes with coconut oil it’s all gone.
Cheers for the tips 🤟

Huss September 12, 2019

I read this last night and decided to do what you said and use coconut oil. I also used my girlfriends hair dryer. I already have a brush and oils. No balm though but thank you for suggesting that. I can honestly say my beard has never felt better. Who would of known that something as simple as coconut oil could make such a difference. Blow drying is really effective too. I wouldn’t blow dry it every day based on laziness but definitely on special occasions because of how fresh it makes you feel. Thank you for this info, i mean that sincerely.

Peter September 10, 2019

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