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Boar Bristle Beard Brush

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Maintaining a tidy and healthy beard is a task made much easier with a quality beard brush. Jericho's Beard Brush is made using 100% boar bristles and a darkened wooden easy to grip handle. This brush is a great companion for beards of all lengths. It helps to straighten and untangle the hairs, while also helping to exfoliate the skin underneath- removing dry, flaky skin. This is honestly a must have item for anyone half serious about their beard game. Use daily!

Dimensions - 12x6x4cm 

Directions of use 

This brush can be used on a wet or dry beard. Brush through your beard in the direction of hair growth to help straighten and untangle the hairs. Using Beard Oil before brushing will allow the bristles to thoroughly move the oil throughout your beard.

Customer Reviews

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Soft Bristle Brush

The brush is a lot softer than I was used to & won't brush out my beard like my old brush. (I have longish beard) but... if I comb it out first with a long tooth comb (thumbs up to that as well) to remove tangles and knots etc, then with the bristle hair brush, I'm getting a better end result, without ripping my beard to bits like I probably was before. So a different technique than I was used to, but happy with the new system.

Krisi Coy

Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Best option

Good price and high quality

Max Ulgun
Bead brush


Mark Tuckey
Not a bad brush

This is my first beard brush so I don't have much to compare it to. However it feels nice on my face and does the job a brush is meant to do.

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