Upgrade Your Beard Game with the Best Beard Wax Australia

As your beard or moustache grows longer, it can be prone to developing a mind of its’ own. All beard enthusiasts can agree on one thing: a well-kept, styled beard is the number one attribute any man can have. Therefore, they rely on beard balms and oils.

At Jericho, we know beards can sometimes be tricky to control. If you’ve been struggling to style, maintain, and groom your beard to both you and your partners' satisfaction, Jericho’s Beard Wax will fast-track you to the pinnacle of the bearded world.

Beard wax should be a staple of one’s grooming kit for any man serious about their appearance. A well-maintained, fully flowing beard doesn’t happen by accident. Let your imagination run wild – the styling possibilities are endless. Sculpt the perfect bearded styles with Jericho’s Beard Wax today!

Why Should I Use Jericho Beard Wax?

Your journey to a great beard or moustache is made much easier with Jericho’s Beard Wax.

Known mainly for its powerful sculpting properties and thicker consistency compared to oils and balms, beard wax is the perfect tool for keeping styled facial hair in place all day long.

A multi-purpose tool for all styles, Jericho’s Beard Wax is great for:

Keeping Your Beard Healthy

Just as we shampoo and condition the hair on our heard, your beard needs some love too. Since beard wax contains organic and essential oils, applying wax to your beard or moustache helps moisturise and nourish your facial hairs, keeping them healthy. Even the smallest amount of nutrients, care, and attention will benefit your beard in the long run.

Beard wax helps fight off any dryness or flakiness you’re experiencing and assists in developing the perfect conditions for continued, flourishing growth. With the regular application of beard wax, you’ll be feeling as good as you look! What’s not to love?
Protection Against the Elements

The weather could be storming, raining, sunny or windy, but regardless, your beard or moustache will remain jaw-droppingly amazing in even the toughest of elements.

Taming Unruly Hairs
If you’re rocking the beard in either a professional or specific social setting, you’ll want to be sure it’s not looking messy. Beard Wax is an easy-to-use, comfortable tool that’ll allow you to create a neater look in no time. Gone are the days of having fly away whiskers; put them back in place using beard wax.
Styling Your Mane
With beard wax, you’ll be able to style your beard any way you like as the stronghold of the wax sets in. Pair this with a properly trimmed beard, and you’ll be ready to take your beard game to the next level. With beard wax, you can try multiple styles until you find one you like, as it’s just as easy to wash out as it is to put in.

The nourishing ingredients inside our beard wax soften and strengthen each individual styled facial hair, building natural resistance to the elements over time while staying in place.

Smelling Terrific
The fragrance oil within our respective beard waxes is sure to please every nose within your vicinity. With an array of scented waxes to choose from, you’ll be able to find one you and your significant other adore with no troubles!

Satisfying aromas that you’ll be sure to enjoy as you go about your daily business, order today to find a wax that fits your aesthetic. Also check out our beard balms and oils for a seductive smell.

How to Use Beard Wax
Jericho recommends using beard wax in cohesion with other facial hair care products like beard oil and beard balm as they all have their own unique, beneficial uses. Beard oil in particular softens facial hair, reduces itch, and creates healthy conditions for continued growth – it can be used to soften your facial hairs before applying wax.
Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to apply beard wax.
  1. Clean Your Beard
Your beard can collect dust and dirt that will otherwise make it harder for you to style to your liking. A dirty beard will not only look unappealing, but it’ll be also uncomfortable and make grooming a more complex process.
  1. Dry Your Beard
We recommend applying beard wax after you’ve had a shower. Not only will this clean your beard, you can start from a fresh template. A dry beard is easier to groom than a damp one.
  1. Untangle Your Beard
Combing your beard untangles the whiskers, making it much more manageable to apply wax. Start from the bottom before working your way up using a beard comb to create the perfect grooming conditions. Don’t have a beard comb? No worries, Jericho’s got you covered. The ideal size to take anywhere, Jericho’s Wooden Beard Comb is made from pear wood and will work to untangle those hairs, leaving you and your beard feeling de-stressed
  1. Prepare the Wax

Before you first apply the beard wax to your beard, make sure to soften the wax for a less thicker consistency, as many of the natural ingredients including essential oils inside can potentially solidify at room temperature. The easiest way to do this is by running hot water over the tin. Not only will this make applying wax easier, it’ll be a much more comfortable process.


  1. Apply the Wax
Once the wax has softened, you’re ready to apply it to your beard! Using your finger, scoop a small amount from the tin before rubbing it between your fingers or palms to soften it further.

Start by applying wax to the beard sides – apply small quantities and massage it through evenly. Unlike beard oil, you don’t need to apply the wax all the way through to your skin. Using a beard comb, you can distribute the wax evenly throughout the beard. Repeat this process, concentrating on one side at a time until you’ve styled it in your desired way. Styling your beard was never this easy!


  1. Finishing Off
Give your wax some time to dry before you go out. If you’ve accidentally put too much wax in, wipe it out with a dry towel or cloth. If you’re in a hurry, try using a hairdryer for a faster set.
Now you’re in business!
Shop The Best Beard Wax Australia
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