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Ox Horn Beard Comb

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Beautifully crafted with a sandalwood handle, this comb will be the staple of any bearded mans arsenal. Quite simply... if you have a beard, you need an Ox Horn Comb.

What is an Ox Horn Comb? Due to the material’s similar molecular composition to our own hair, our ox horn combs don’t trap static electricity, helping to balance your hair’s electrical charge. Its an absolute gamechanger. 

Length 20 cm | Width 9 cm

Note- Ox Horn combs are a natural product and if they are dropped on the ground there is a high chance they may break. Please take care of your comb as we will not replace dropped combs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ox horn comb

Looks great and does a great job!
Especially when paired with the boar bristle brush!

Robert Langford
Excellent comb, works as described

Can recommend for my medium length beard, works well with all oils and in combination with the boar bristle brushes sold here

Adam Rankin

The ox horn beard comb is awesome my partner brought it for me and definitely love using it
Works well to remove any tangles and while have a smooth neat look

Chris Williamson
Amazing Comb

I was curious at first to see how this comb would go, but as soon as I received delivery it felt great in the hand and untangled the beard (which runs down to my chest) with ease and helped to straighten out as well. I am so glad I found this comb and will be recommending it to everyone.

Dean Selzer

Ox Horn Beard Comb

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